"Free Mid Day meal for 500 Students all year around"

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative (or CSR Initiative) is a Central Government Mandate to strengthen a company’s responsibility towards the community and the environment that it operates in and to ensure a sustainable future for all its stakeholders. All MNCs contribute avidly towards the nourishing of their respective communities/environments enabling global growth for the under-privileged and solidifying the sustainability of the company without compromising the the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd. harbours a strong sense of responsibility towards the rural community and its betterment in order to bring quality to human life, irrespective of where it thrives. This belief drives us to maintain strong and stable contributions to the community powering the CSR Initiative forward.

KGF PU & Degree Colleges are situated in the backward rural area of Kolar Gold Fields, it provides a strong foundation for over 500 underprivileged students. DNA Entertainment Networks provides free mid-day meals for all the students at the K.G.F. PU & Degree College throughout the academic year, currently encompassing 2016-17.


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