Stadium Management
The oldest battle in Indian Cricket comes to Wankhede Stadium, which is also the home ground of Mumbai Indians which is owned by India�s biggest conglomerate.
DNA Networks is united with Mumbai Indians for a long period and is executing the event for the players and the management to celebrate the 10th year.
Team DNA manages Stadium Infrastructure & Electrical, Match Entertainment, Hospitality Set up and operations, Government Permissions and Licensing, Branding and Signage. DNA Networks is also responsible for Sponsor Management for the franchise, Merchandise & Concessions.
Apart from the team management, Team DNA is also involved in Education For All initiative, a programme which provides the underprivileged children with a life time experience. Dressed in Mumbai Indians T-shirts and caps, the children cheer for their favorite team at the stadium living their day with lots of goodies, food and drinks. Team DNA ensures production work for the safety of children.
Operations for EFA by team DNA are:

1. Number of children : 20000
2. T-Shirts : 25000 Caps : 25000
3. Goodie bags : 20000
4. Flags : 20000
5. 4s & 6s fans : 20000
6. Food Packets : 43000 containing lunch and high tea boxes
7. Water cups : 300000

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