What Guides us


Our compass propels us to foster innovation, formulate strategies, and create events that catalyse growth and forge impactful connections.


Our relentless pursuit of mastery underscores our unwavering commitment to top-tier quality that continuously surpasses expectations.


Our thirst for novel ideas injects new viewpoints, orchestrating imaginative evolution, that inspires unmatched accomplishment.

As a dynamic and visionary company, we epitomize the art of crafting captivating experiences. Through a fusion of creativity, innovation, and meticulous execution, we excel at breathing life into events, whether on screen or stage. Our commitment to the enchantment of entertainment is visible in every production, as each weaves a unique narrative and leaves an indelible impression.


Pioneering Global
Music Experiences

In 1986, Dr. T Venkat Vardhan began his journey by securing the rights to air MTV’s top 20 music videos in india.

Obtaining these rights inspired his goal to lay the foundation for our live music industry by bringing international music acts to India. His vision to introduce global experiences and passion for music led to the birth of DNA Networks – a pioneering force in the live music and events industry in India.

Which resulted in our first major breakthrough in 1988, with the success from the band Europe’s performance in Mumbai led to a surge in interest from artists. This in tandem with Dr. Vardhan’s business acumen resulted in the arrival of renowned international artists like The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Metallica, Dire Straits, Beyoncé, Shakira, and The Black Eyed Peas—artists that were once only a dream for us in India.

His strong focus on innovation led to the inception of “Sportainment” – blending entertainment with sports. Further evolution resulted in the expansion of our business expertise to manage major sports properties such as the IPL, ISL, Pro Kabaddi and more. This showcased the company’s foresight and vision and further solidified our reputation and ability to establish strategic alliances with premier sporting associations like the BCCI, ICC, and Hockey India.

Under his leadership, DNA Networks thrives on core values such as reliability, consistent quality delivery, equality, respect, and teamwork. These values have not only earned us a strong market reputation but also fostered close relationships with key players in the industry.

With our legacy spanning over three decades, we define the landscape of live events by setting new standards and delivering unforgettable moments to individuals. Furthermore, embracing diversity and inclusivity is key to us. As is seen through the success of the IPL – we as DNA Entertainment Networks specialize in creating one-of-a-kind experiences that bring people together at a global level.


We take pride in our diverse and dynamic team, united by a shared passion for innovation and excellence. Our professionals bring together a wealth of expertise from various disciplines, forming a powerhouse of creativity, strategy, and execution. Get to know the faces behind our company's achievements and discover the collective brilliance that fuels our journey.

Raoul Vardhan


Raoul brings a MILLENNIAL twist to the table by keeping up with pop culture and the changing trends in the industry. He bridges the gap between modern and traditional. His contemporary thought process keeps digital communication fresh. His passion for PEOPLE’S EXPERIENCE brings great innovation in the field of Restaurant Management & Hospitality Services.

Rohahn Vardhan


Meet our Trailblazer- in – Chief, Rohahn is a new age director who along with leadership skills, is a football ace. He has a love for sports much like his father, Dr Venkat Vardhan. His passion for NEW DEVELOPMENTS works well as he guides us into new frontiers like E-Sports, Digital Marketing, International Business.

K.T. Majeed

Director & Chief Financial Officer

Heading finance and administration, Majeed is more than just NUMBER CRUNCHER. He defines financial metrics to measure success. With over 25 years of experience at DNA Networks, his templates, and guidelines for cost efficiency in events services are the yardsticks in the company. Majeed has been the foreman in negotiating critical strategic financial decisions for several business conglomerates.

Sunil Mathew

Director & Vice President

In the corporate-focused world of event industry, where creativity meets commerce. The master veteran Sunil Mathew who has set the BAR high, he has been with DNA Networks for over 24 years overseeing operations of the live entertainment business. He sits in as a Chief Marketing Officer for several business conglomerates. He turns a mere event into a dynamic platform for businesses to showcase their products, services, and commitment to the world.

Harisha Prabhu

Director & Vice President

In the world of creating TIMELESS experiences, Harisha is the beacon of strategy and has distinguished himself as the Chief Operating Officer at DNA. He meticulously measures the success of the company’s strategies, analyzing data and feedback to refine our approaches continually. Over 20 Years of commitment to continuous improvement ensures that each event surpasses the last. Harisha is paving way for the new generations to come.

Kaunain Merchant

Director & Vice President

In the thrilling world of the event industry, where creativity converges with meticulous planning and execution, one pivotal figure stands at the helm, orchestrating the grand symphony of events, Kaunain Merchant. He plays a critical role in ensuring that everything from Sporting, Special Events & Weddings unfolds seamlessly, leaving attendees awestruck and organizers proud of a job “WELL DONE”.

Rajesh Chandwani

VP - Operations

In the Glamorous world of event industry, heading operations and logistics for DNA networks, Rajesh has vast experience handling stellar international live events, multi-city events, and major sporting tournaments. Having TRAVELLED THE WORLD with DNA Networks since 2005, Rajesh brings together the trends of the west and the roots of the east.

Sunil Kumar R

AVP - Operations

In the times of networking world, Sunil’s niche is his ability to reach any person on demand, maintain official connections, and develop new entities. He has taken the lead with Government and Statutory authorities for LICENSING AND PERMISSIONS for events produced by DNA Networks. His experience since 2005 in dealing with agencies such as airport authorities, police departments and other statutory agencies with an interface with Government organisations makes him an asset we do not wish to lose.

Richard Rodrigues

AVP - Production

Blending technology and innovation, Richard has taken event production to new heights of excellence and perfection. A GADGET freak and TECHNOLOGY enthusiast with over 13 years of experience in DNA Networks, Richard heads our production teams and engineers across all verticals. He brings 100% perfection to add the ‘wow’ factor to all his events.

Kilambi Sridhar


‘Calm as you like” Sridhar Kilambi brings solutions On-ground & BTS. He is a production ACE with an experience of over 2 decades in the industry. Sridhar also manages end to end services for special projects and sporting events.

Shreyas H Rao

GM - Business Development

Managing entertainment & hospitality for our franchise clients during IPL to handling pivotal accounts like Star Sports & Mashal Sports, Shreyas brings enterprising vigour and a dynamic attitude. With 16 years of experience to boast of at DNA, he has been a key player and was part of our association with Pro Kabaddi League, INBL from the inception.

Nidheesh Mathew

GM - Creative

In the designer world of events, Nidheesh leads the Design unit at DNA Networks. Having over 14 years of experience in DNA Networks, he gives a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL approach to our events. He brings innovation, creative strategies, and continues to give creative minds a sui generis direction in the company.

K C Bopanna

GM - Marketing

With over ten years in the business, Bopanna’s core strengths are in Marketing & Events. His zeal for planning and execution sets him apart. He handles our corporate division with a laser-like focus on building new clients and creating unmatched experiences to suit client requirements. He services clients like TATA Steel, Biocon, Reliance Trends and UST Global. Bopanna has been a part of the DNA family since 2014.

Madhav Khanna

GM - Digital Innovations

In the digital world of event management, Madhav specializes in coming up with out of the box solutions to all our ’WHAT IS GOING ON’ problems. He superintends LED operations with cricket boards-domestic and international. He also oversees all LED management for various other sporting leagues. Madhav has been a part of the DNA family since 2016.

Theertha Kumar

GM - Technology & Innovations

Theertha, our in-house tech wiz, is the brain behind the execution of IT applications & services for our events. His know-how about the industry operations and IT services makes him pivotal in curating optimum utilization of resources. With over 13 credible years in the company, he has donned many a hat in Software development, Accreditation Services and Virtual Events.

Stephen Brown

GM - Client Servicing

Meet our Quirk-in-Chief, the Stylish Sage, and the Brainy Master. Stephen is our captain of the COOL ship, and challenges new endeavors with a calm demeanour. With over 14 years of experience at DNA, he springs new ideas, and leads major sporting events.

Ritesh Chawla

Branch Head - Kolkata

Leading our Delhi branch, Ritesh has become a key figure in the company. With an industry experience of 17 years and numerous clients, he has helped shape the Delhi and NCR markets for the company. Apart from servicing clients in the northern regions, he also overlooks travel and logistics for largescale events. Ritesh has been a part of the DNA family since 2014.

Rushabh Kapadia

Branch Head - Mumbai

Our Mumbai branch has found a young and dynamic leader in Rushabh. He shows expertise & experience in production and marketing. Along with executing corporate events, he also manages operations for special events. He has been fundamental in managing the IPL FANPARK. Rushabh has been a part of the DNA family since 2016.

Murthy KNS

AGM - Client Servicing

Account management, interpersonal skills and extensive client servicing are what we know Murthy for. Perhaps the biggest feather in his cap, Murthy manages and nurtures key accounts such as Pepsi, as DNA’ award-winning 18-year relationship with the renowned beverage giant continues to strengthen. He also manages sponsorship deliverables in the sporting leagues and major multi-city corporate events. Murthy has been a part of the DNA family since 2011.

Nithin Pearson

AGM - Business Development

Meet our Chief Chuckler Nithin. His well-timed PUNCH-LINES makes the corporate world drumroll. He is the powerhouse of Productivity, Trend-Setter in event design. With over 10 years’ of experience at DNA, he’s paving way for new generations to follow.

Roopa Shetty

AGM - Wedding Division

Weaving spells of AWESOMENESS at every event she touches, Roopa brings in Style & Class to events. Her decade-long experience at DNA Networks holds the key to Business Development & Client Servicing. She leads the way for empowering women in the industry.

Nuzhat Unnisa

Manager - HR

Our architect of employee experience, Nuzhat is committed to fostering an environment that encourages imagination, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence. With her being in the company for over 10 years continues to encourage employees for a long-term relationship.

Samved Shankar

Asst Manager - Business Development

Where innovation meets artistry, Samved is our Supernova. A Tech-Savy frontrunner, he brings in never-seen-before experiences, designs & talent. He also leads our digital & other communications platforms in ensuring our brand’s media presence is on point.

corporate social responsibility

How we give back

We believe in making a positive impact beyond business. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drives us to actively engage with communities and causes that matter. Through strategic initiatives, philanthropic efforts, and community partnerships, we aim to create a better world. From environmental sustainability to education and social welfare, we're dedicated to uplifting lives and nurturing a brighter future. Explore how we're turning compassion into action and join us in building a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Sunbird Trust

Education of poor and underprivileged children (From 2017-2019 helped over 50 children)

Golden Valley Education Trust

Free mid-day meals for all students (done annually since 2016 to present)

GVET - Sponsorship

Sponsorship of underprivileged students college fee (This is a annual CSR grant since 2017 that has to date benefited over 800 students)

The Light Foundation

Renovation and development of Government schools (2019-2020)

Connect to the Heal Trust

Medical camps & cancer awareness for early detection of cancer for marginalized and economically challenged people (2023-2024)


View more about our CSR Programs and projects.

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Our CSR policy

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